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July 1st, 2018 - old news
Grand Melee stalls game
Todays match against the Dreadmore Deathspiral quickly devolved into a punching match. With Rengor the werewolf quickly being launched through the air early in the match through magical means only to land on his face and die in spectacular fashion.

The game fell into a back and forth of punches, fumbles and drops with only one pass finding its mark and few players managing to pick up the ball at all. A downturn in fan numbers this week showed their clear disappointment in the odd tactics of last week, however it seems the players took the criticism into consideration and went back (mostly) to tried and true plays.

While the newly mutated two headed goblins Inikkit and Tizbrik dodged up a storm they were unable to benefit from Snegga the trolls fantastic throwing power due to him again spending half the match lying down. The other goblins attempts to dodge and dive around met with limited success with an them failing to get an easy early touchdown with a botched dodge.

Both teams brought their underhandedness to the game with fouls flying left and right. Snegga off late in the first half with a painful niggling injury that will cause him to miss next game. The Legions returned the favour with a niggling injury of their own delivered by way of foul on Sleepwalker the Zombie mid way through the second half and a follow up smash from the thrower Twork to kill (rekill?) a zombie.

The back and forth aggression continued though and both teams were hugely depleted with knocked out players filling the reserves boxes all through both halfs. Some fumbled passes from the Skaven throwers blew some major touchdown opportunities leaving the way open for a dash from Trophy Wife the Ghoul to pick up the ball and run it in for a touchdown in the final seconds of the game.

The fans feel that while there was a definite uptick in fouling and injuries and good old fashioned murder, as well as some fantastic dodging, the team still relied on muscle a little too much. New plans to avoid getting entangled in a grand melee will surely be drafted in future.
- CameronC
June 24th, 2018 - old news
Twisted Tactics cause for concern.
Todays match featuring the ever dastardly "Skittering Legion" and the *ahem* lovely ladies from the 'Krakka-Drakk Valkryies', was "Clearly influenced by the twisting of the players illicit warpstone", critics declared. The tension was high from the start with the Legion fans showing up in droves, dwarfing (heh...) the paltry showing from Valkryies fans. With more than double the complement, the stinking, slinking masses of gobbos and ratties that showed up put the proud and drunken dwarves to shame.

In a mystifying round, Dwarves dodged like elves while goblins tripped over their own sneaky feet, Armoured dwarves fell to the scrawny fists of gobbos and the usual solid strikes of the dwarvish lasses could simply not effect the surprisingly resilient goblin bones. Goblins passing and dwarves going for distance on every run (and mostly making it, except at a few crucial moments). Madness.

The game quickly turned into a brawl early on in the first half where the Legions usual trusty troll spent nearly the entire half on his back, staring blankly and pondering the mysteries of the clouds above for a good 75% of the half. Early goblin attempts at putting in a sneaky boot or knife into a downed dwarf were quickly spotted by the ever vigilant refs and 2 players were sent off by the midpoint of the first half. Although the dwarves lost a number of players to injury early in the half and one dying to a shocking brutal hit by the Skaven Blitzer Zkis, the plucky young ladies managed to tenaciously hold to a stalemate and no one was able to score.

The second half looked extremely promising to the diminished dwarven team after initial doubts over the seemingly endless goblin reserves filling the spot of their ejected brethren. A too high kick from the Legion left Kylie Sloter with an easy catch and put her easily on the offensive. With Evie Griffen landing a solid first blow of the half knocking out Snegga the troll for the Legion. The Valkryries took advantage of the shock of the fall of the big man to score an early touchdown.

After Snegga failed to regain consciousness Zkis was out for blood and managed to take Evie out with a solid blow, unfortunately no lasting injury to the girl but she was out of the match. Down a big hitter it turned into another stalemate with a break down the right side by the Legion was shut down by the dwarf lasses and a bit of back and forth ball play occurring. The internal racism of the Skaven thrower Sneng destroyed one opportunity for an easy touchdown which almost cost the little sneakers the game. However the underworld players managed to get the ball free and get a touch down very late in the second half on the back of an unlikely completion by the ever stunty gobbo Inikkit.

WIth the final kickoff in the dying moments of the second half the crowd went berserk and stormed the field. The numbers here really paid off for the Legion with only 3 or 4 Valkryies players left standing after the tide of fans receded. It was down to the wire however, they only had a single play. Thankfully, Snegga the warpstone troll decided that his match long nap was over and lumbered onto the field. Resisting the oh so strong desire for tasty goblin flesh he snatched up Kratzit the gobbo and hurled him down field. Thwork the Skaven thrower scooped up the ball and overcame his loathing of the little green snots to hand the ball to Kratzit who managed to land just close enough to take the ball and get over the line in the dying seconds.

While the Legions fans revelled in the victory, they aren't sure they like their beloved team performing these legitimate tackles. They love the rough and tumble sneaky knife in the dark! This brute force stuff the team the team ran on today is not their thing at all, unless its coming from Snegga. Less thunk and more slinking! That rhymes right?
- CameronC
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