Everton Eviscerators

Race:  Chaos
Coach:  WesH
Coming together as a professional team for the first time, the Everton Eviscerators are well experienced in the violent dismemberment of their opponents/fans/victims.

Named for some of the most famous serial & spree killers of all time, they revel in the spectacle and bloodbath that is Bloodbowl.

Worshipers and chosen warriors of the dark gods, one and all, their version of the Sabbath always includes a bit of old fashioned violence. Now with the ConBowl running for the first time they have the opportunity to make their worship a profession

Chaos logo
no custom team badge
Bulletin board from the coach


Tournaments played:
Playing in:
Season 1, Season 1.1
Trophies won:

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Latest matches:
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Season 1, round 8
  2    Pawns of Tzeentch
  1    Dreadwood Daggers
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