The Everton Park Sutures

Race:  Necromantic
Coach:  Emmanual B
Dragging themselves to the Blood Bowl Pitches for their Season Debut. IsThe Everton Park Sutures!!

Raised from the most fashionable suburb in Brisbane this team of local undead are looking to make a big impact in their 1st season, and expections are High. With a former veteren coach Rasart from the highly competetive Babbl League agreeing to coach the Shuffling howling murderous Team.

Sponsering The EPS is Brookside Woolies (eat fresh!!) and the Local Brothers Butcher (if it bleeds I eats!!)

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The Everton Park Sutures team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
June 19th, 2018 - old news
Interveiw with Head Coach EmmanualB
“Yeah them Chaos Lads look tuffer den an ol boot but dey aint much when me Doggo’s Claws n teef rip into em!”

“Dey even tried sum nonsnese magic stuff and still culdnt run da ball into our endzone..... I made all da team burn der uniforms just in case some sick Chaos herpe or sumfin latched on.... ya know how it goes!!”

“We ground dem softies intu da dirt then ran in a single TD look dere wulda been more passin but dat damn sun was in our eyes all game!!”

“Naw I neva bet on me own teamz games conflict of intrest an all dat.......... Put da winnins in me car Lemmy ya stupid Golem!!”

“Mm we got dem Chaos Dwurfs next that shuld be fun I known dere head coach fpr awhile now he is a right crafty bastard him an his team iz my pick ta win the silverware this season”

“Righto off to eat some fresh fle.... um Macca’s with the da Boyz hehe toodles”
- Emmanual B
June 5th, 2018 - old news
Ghoulish or Ghoulash?
The Everton Park Sutures took the Plucky/Perky Dwarf ladies to task on the Sutures home ground stadium.

A few thousand locals and the Dwarven lasses fans who were willing to come to a undead stadium got an eyeful of what the future has in store for both these promising Teams.

The sun was shining and it was a perfect day for Blood Bowl.
The Stunties received and the Undead proceeded to do what they could to stop the ladies from scoring. Alas the defence was not up to snuff and the Dwarfs strolled into the endzone unoppossed.

The EPS’s veteren Coach did not even blink (perhaps it was because he had no eyelids or he was just being stoic)
He rallied his team and prepared to receive.
After some defensive hustling by the stunties the Ghoul managed to catch the ball and run it in (he had the right ball as some sneaky mage had conjured up a fake)

It was 1 all and the second half was about to get Ugly!!

The Sutures received and promptly picked the ball up and begun bashing the everloving shite out of the other side. Luckily the ladies all had thick skulls otherwise the casualties would have been much higher.

After a fumble the Sutures star ghouls righted the ship and after a brilliant pass they ran in the final TD pf the match.

The Stunties left the stadium bruised and battered but heads held high they had not given up even when down in numbers and had come close to pushing the game into overtime.

Time will tell if the Sutures can keep the blistering pace and hard tackling going come season proper but for now they got a new fan in this ol Journo!!

Blinkin Snotass Esquire - Snotling Blood Bowl Commentator and media personality.
- Emmanual B
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